“I just want to say Thank-you for my coaching session last night. I slept really well and woke up feeling great and full of excitement about my life. This has been a challenging time for me, and I am very grateful to you for all your support and input. Let’s face it, without you I wouldn’t even have filled an application form in! Thank-you for teaching me to manage my fears and insecurities, you have been invaluable. I really feel that a happy and fulfilling life is within reach for me now, and although it is scary sometimes, it is far better than just safely existing. I count myself blessed to have such a brilliant coach!”
~ Rachel Sutherland, UK

“I’ll never be able to thank you enough for all of your wonderful coaching and support. You are THE BEST, and you’ve helped me to change my life around.”
~ Gail McCann, UK

“I just want to say that you are a great coach! i really enjoyed the session we just had together and always feel very energetic and like it’s all possible when I speak to you! Whatever you have to make me so motivated – you should bottle it!
~ Sarah Raad, UK

“I just want to thank you for the work we have done so far as the progress has been so inspiring and given me back the courage to reach out into life”
~ Rene August, UK

“I really enjoyed the coaching and found you to be very good at listening and making me think deeply about what I really wanted. I learnt a great deal, the values exercise was especially helpful because I had no idea how important honouring our values are. I have learned from you that often when I feel uneasy it’s because a value is being compromised in some way. You were also very good at helping me work out the answers to my issues and I also feel like I know myself a lot better now. Anyway thanks again for all your help and good luck with everything. If I ever know of anyone who wants a life coach I will definitely recommend you!”

~ Zoe Preston

“Working with a Life coach has been very helpful. Janice understood my conflict and helped me deal with the issues coming up. Gentle, supportive, perspective.
~ S. Leeds, UK

“Coaching helped me through a difficult time of being overburdened. It helped cement my goals. I have decided to do my degree next year and I’m in the process of getting my paperwork sorted now”
~ S.O. UK

“the perspective and values exercise was very important. I really understand now how I deserve to be kind to myself. I found that these coaching session helped me to focus during a really difficult period in my life. Thanks for everything Janice.
~ MF, East London, UK


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