Life Coaching Programme

  • Lifecoachingprogramme photoDo you have important goals or changes in your life that you want to make happen but somehow lack the motivation to do anything about them?
  • Or perhaps you know your life needs to change but you don’t know what you want?
  • and maybe you would like some support and structure to help you along the way?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this life coaching programme is designed for you.

This upbeat and motivating coaching programme is designed to assist you in clarifying and achieving your goals and getting connected to your powerful inner self in order to support your progress along the way.

The programme consists of 6 one to one personal telephone coaching sessions with Janice Robertson, your coach, to be used whenever you want over a six month period.  You decide when you want to take the sessions.

The outline of the programme is as follows:

Session 1: Defining and Clarifying Your Values

Personal values are perhaps the most vital part of the jigsaw of your life in terms of understanding what motivates and fulfils you.  For you to be happy and fulfilled in your life and work you must be honouring your most important values.

Session 2: Revealing Your Life Purpose

Your life purpose is about who you are, not what you do.  It’s your reason for being and  your impact on the world you live in.  Getting clear about your life purpose can be a powerful guide and driver towards what you really want from your life and work.

Session 3: Connecting With Your Powerful Self

This session is a guided meditation where you meet your most powerful self.  This self is authentic clear, wise and mature.  A self who lives in harmony with your values.  By connecting with your most powerful self, you connect and own the strengths and the qualities of this self and you will have your own inner ally to support you and help you to stay motivated.

Session 4: Creating Your Vision For the Future

This session uses future visioning to help you create a powerful vision of what’s possible for you going forward.  It’s an exciting exercise where we create some new possiblities for your future.  Nothing in life can happen until we create the possibility for it to happen.

Session 5: Getting Into Action

Now that we have created some new possibilities and identified your priorities it’s time now to make it happen.   Together we will create some new SMART goals for you in line with your values and life purpose.

Session 6: Follow-up to keep you Motivated

This final session is designed to celebrate and evaluate what you have achieved to far and to help you to overcome any obstacles to your success and sustain your motivation.


£50  per 40-60 minute session.  Each session can be purchased individually, however you will need to complete Sessions 1 – 4 before you can complete sessions 5 and 6.

100% Guarantee

As with all my coaching programmes I offer a money back guarantee.  If you are not completely happy with the coaching  at the end of each session I will refund the money for that session. No quibbles!


I coach by telephone and I call you so you don’t have to travel and can be coached in the comfort of your own home or a quiet place at work.

Next Step:

Contact me here by telephone: 020 8 341 6698 (UK) or email me at


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