How I Can Help

Janice RobertsonMy name is Janice Robertson. I am married and live in North London in the UK with my husband William and our furball rescue cat Lyra. I am a writer and certified coach.  On this blog you will find personal development tips and coaching articles to help you to live a more happy, healthy, peaceful life.

You will also find details of my personal one to one Life Coaching and Career Coaching programmes.  These programmes are designed to help you to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Free e-course: “Motivation Boosters”

I have written a four part e-course called “Motivation Boosters” which includes all the best tips I use myself to overcome procrastination and stay motivated. If you would like a copy then just click on the link below to sign up. It’s completely free and will be delivered to your in-box.

About Me

I started my official coach training in 2003 and went on to become a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach through the highly acclaimed Coaches Training Institute (CTI).   My experience and training with CTI ensures you get proven coaching techniques that have helped thousands of people overcome their struggles and achieve success in their work and life.

The Coaches Training Institute is one of a very few training providers who are accredited by the International Coach Federation – the world’s leading professional body for coaches. All my training was experiential. I was coaching people from day one and during my advanced training I was supervised by three separate master coaches who gave me detailed feedback on my live coaching. In order to qualify I had to complete a rigorous written exam and conduct two live coaching sessions with master coaches.

I have also completed a specialist career coach training workshop with Fireworks Coaching who are also approved by the International Coaching Federation.

I have considerable experience within the recruitment industry where I led and managed a team of advisers and worked closely with hundreds of individuals looking for work and with employers helping them with their recruitment processes. Previous to this I work in BBC Radio production.

My professional qualifications and experience include:

18 years experience with BBC, Radio 1 as a Radio Production Assistant

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Licensed Career Coach through Fireworks Coaching

NVQ Level 3 Assessor in Advice and Guidance

9 Years experience with Jobcentre Plus as a Manager and Team Leader



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