Self Acceptance and why it’s important for you.

dreamstime_4079863What is Self Acceptance?

It is thought that Self Acceptance is the basis of all personal development. Self acceptance is approving of yourself warts and all.  It’s liking and loving yourself NOW not WHEN!  It’s about giving up on self-denigration and  being your very own best friend.  It’s being on your side no matter how other people might see you.  It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being perfectly imperfect and loving yourself for who you are.

Self acceptance does not mean that you should become or BE complacent – it means that you can work towards goals and change without all the self directed anger and self flagellation which can lower your confidence, motivation and self esteem.

What is the difference between Self Esteem and Self Acceptance?

Self Esteem or to be more precise explicit self esteem tends to be conditional.  For example you feel good about yourself because of your achievements whereas self acceptance is unconditional.

Exercise on Self Acceptance

Find a photograph of yourself when you were a child and place it in front of you.  Look at how innocent and vulnerable you look.  As you look at the photograph imagine that this young child is within you now.  What would you like to say to this child to show that you love them and care about them?  Finish off by giving yourself a hug.

From now on as you go about your daily life, monitor your thoughts and if you find that you are berating yourself, remember that innocent inner child and replace any negativity with more neutral, loving and guiding thoughts.

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~ by Sandstorm on July 14, 2009.

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