Personal values – the unconscious force behind our actions.


In order to start to take action towards your dreams and goals, you need to know what it is that you actually want – you need to know what you want to bring to the world, you need to know the destination. One of the best ways to find out what that destination is, is to get clear about your personal values.

Personal values are the unconscious force behind many of our actions and decisions and getting crystal clear about them helps you to understand what is important in your life and what motivates you, enabling you to be more self-directed and personally effective.

Getting clear about your values is often likened to having a compass for your life – once you know what you want it is so much easier to set a course of action.

When we are living our lives according to our own values and rules and not someone else’s then we are more likely to be happy and fulfilled because we’re not going against the grain, we’re not living someone else’s dream, we’re being true to ourselves and so our lives will have more meaning.

When I’m working with a client on identifying their top 10 values I always make it clear that it is important to choose their own values and not values that they think they should or shouldn’t have.

Getting clear about your values can help you to focus on what may be missing in your life and it can also help you to see if something that you thought you wanted is no longer important so you can stop wasting your energies trying to get it!

Once you have identified your priorities and what is important in your life it is then easier to translate these into goals. Unless we know what we really want and desire then we stay unfocused and kind of like wandering – directionless, drifting along.

Remember also to review your values every few years to make sure you are still on track, for what was important to you at 21 may no longer be important to you at 35 or 55.

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~ by Sandstorm on July 3, 2009.

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