Is it time to leave your job?

iStock_000006748666XSmallIn this day and age it is quite common for people to change career at least once in their working life.  It’s an important decision though – one which will affect you and can affect your close family.  Before you do anything hasty, find yourself somewhere quiet and peaceful, where you wont be disturbed and ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you hate your job or just the boss?

It’s important that you make this distinction.  If you love what you do and it’s just the boss or even work colleagues that you can’t get along with then changing careers might not be the answer for you.   If you are not able to make it work with your boss on your own then seek help through your human resources department, if you have one, or get some coaching on this specific matter.   If all else fails then before you take the leap into a different career, look at other employers in the same field or even consider becoming self employed doing the work you love!

2. Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole?

  • There could be many reasons why you feel that you just don’t fit it with your current career.
  • It could be that there is a conflict between your own personal values and ethics and those of your employer’s.
  • The job is more stressful than exciting and you feel burnt-out.
  • Your job is no longer challenging – you’ve gone as far as you can – got pretty much all that you can out of it and there are no opportunities for promotion.
  • You could be in a job that was chosen by your parents rather than in one aligned with your own true interests or passions.
  • You fell into your job without really thinking about your career goals and wonder how you got here!
  • What interested you at 21 no longer excites or motivates you.

3. Do you have a calling or are you searching for your life purpose?

Sometimes, you just have a sense that there is more to life – that there is something you are meant to be or something you are meant to bring to the world.  It feels literally like you are being called!

If you feel like this and can’t really explain to yourself why you have this feeling,  then have a think about the things in your life that you are drawn to.  It could be hobbies, interests, types of people, jobs that catch your eye, areas of study that pull you time and time again.

Do you have unique talents and gifts – something you’re naturally good at?  Do you have a need to express yourself in some way?  Is there something you have always wanted to do but have never admitted it to anyone or even to yourself?

4. Is there the possibility of redundancy?

In today’s uncertain climate there is of course the possibility of redundancy.  Having myself been through redundancy I am aware that it can be a time of upheaval and also I must stress an opportunity to try something new, something that you’ve always dreamed of doing.  If you have already made the decision that you are going to leave your job then before you take the leap into a new career,  find out whether your current employer is considering offering redundancy packages – it could just be the cushion you are looking for while you train or look for something you really want to do.

Please make sure you get financial advice from an expert before volunteering for redundancy.  You will need to know how much money you need to live on if you are going to study or re-train and how long it will last.  Redundancy lumpsums often look like a lot of money but in reality could only last a few months or a year.

5. Do you know you want to change careers but don’t know what you want to do next?

Most of us haven’t thought about what we wanted to do since school – even then people often jump into the first job without really thinking about long term career goals or what really matters to them about work.

If you have decided that you really do want to change careers but don’t know what you want to do next then consider getting some career counselling or coaching to help you to discover a new career aligned with your true interests, passions, values and life purpose.

10 Step Career Coaching Programme

If you are interested I am a certified life coach and licensed career coach.  I have a very well thought-out and developed 10 step career programme which can help you to decide what you want to do next.

You can view details here

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